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The uniquely adjustable contact pads of the Wenatex bed base combined with the patented Surface Modification Technology of the mattress core allows the body to maintain an anatomically neutral position during sleep.
This assists to keep the spine in alignment and works to alleviate the issues of many back pain sufferers.


The ability of the Wenatex bed base to raise or lower the sleeper’s torso enables Snoring and Sleep Apnea sufferers to elevate their body position to minimise the negative effects. The height adjustable Wenatex Silvermed pillow also can assist snoring and Sleep Apnea sufferers by allowing them to adjust their head position.


Wenatex Sleep System products have medicinal silver incorporated into the fibres to help repel bacteria, reduce allergens such as dust mites. The washable mattress cover means improved sleep hygiene and the removal of bacteria, moulds and fungi which assists those suffering skin disorders, allergies and asthma.


The Wenatex Bed Base and Mattress offer orthopaedic support via its 5 zones and 360 adjustable contact pads. The SilverMed Deluxe Mattress is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the sleeper. This significantly reduces pressure points in comparison with an inner spring mattress which bears more load on the springs.


"Since the first night of sleeping on our Queen-sized Ortho-tex Sleep System, I experienced deep and refreshing sleep - the best in years. Even though we had purchased a top-of-the-range bed only six months earlier we were convinced that the Ortho-tex sleep system had much to offer. Sleep deprivation is no longer a problem for me! Thank you." Robyn E. Hillarys WA 
Robyn E
Robyn EHillarys WA
"It is the most remarkable bed that my husband and I have ever slept on. We both used to toss and turn and could not fall asleep at night. Now, with the Ortho-tex mattress we fall asleep in minutes. No aches and pains in the morning and we both feel years younger. Thanking you for a wonderful product." Maria & Lewis G. Vaucluse NSW
Maria & Lewis G
Maria & Lewis GVaucluse NSW
"I’m very, very pleased with the bed package. I would never have believed it if somebody told me it would make such a difference. But now that I have one of my own and sleep in it every night, I honestly can’t believe I suffered for 20 years without a peaceful and comfortable sleep. I wake up every day without the pain I once had." Michael S. Cooran QLD
Michael S.
Michael S.Cooran QLD
"The product has been wonderful. I suffer from severe chronic fibromyalgia and back problems and I am in pain nearly all of the time. I haven’t been able to sleep on my side for more than five minutes and have needed a great deal of extra padding on the bed even when lying on my back! I haven’t slept well in over 10 years. My first night with our new Wenatex bed and pillow I slept all night on my side without waking once! That was amazing!" Sandy M. Busselton WA
Sandy M
Sandy MBusselton WA
"I have a very bad back and when we got a Wenatex, I could not understand how I have lived without it all this time. It is the greatest thing ever! It is just so great you sleep like a newborn baby. I tell all my friends about it. Keep up the good work" Frances & Merv S. Hunter Valley NSW
Frances & Merv S
Frances & Merv SHunter Valley NSW
“Healthy Sleep for a Better Life” is real for me. I can turn in bed with no pain. I can get up from bed in no pain. I could not do that before. Thank you so much." Nancy L. Kemps Creek NSW
Nancy L.
Nancy L.Kemps Creek NSW


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